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Monday, September 10th, 2001
9:56 am - Birth Story
Early Morning - Afternoon
After Kebo, Ali, Joe, Nicholas, Devin, and I finished eating Country's Bar B Que, my choice, at 2pm, Ali and I rode together with Nicholas back to the house while Kebo, Joe, & Devin rode back togbether. We got there and I jumped in the shower, let the hot water beat against me for a long time then finished taking my shower. Then we all tackled cleaning the house, we cleaned it from one end to the other, and I mean spick and span. Joe and Kebo cleaned the race room, Ali cleaned the kitchen, and I cleaned the master bedroom and vaccumed the whole house. Then Ali, Joe, and the kids left and Kebo and I sat around for a few minutes then decided to go on and head to the hospital, see Shone first then go to Labor and Delivery. So we went in saw Shone who was still running a fever. They thought he was having puneumonia but he doesn't so they are checking to see why he is still is having the fever, to make sure it is not infection.
Labor & Delivery
At 4:30pm we headed down one floor to the labor and delivery. We arrived, they got me hooked up to the monitors (Blood Pressure, contractions, baby heart beat). Then we had to fill out paper work, then the nurse left to ball the doctor and let him know I was there and what to do next. The on call doctor came in about an hour later at 6pm to check my cervix & dialation (no change), then he told the nurse to hook me up on an IV and give me the cytotec pill to soften my cervix. They told me a couple of things of what to expect to happen until the next day. Around 8pm they would let me know if I could eat anything. To see if something was going to happen. Well at around 8pm the contractions were coming harder and quicker, about 8 min. apart. They got me some Arby's to eat, and the nurse came back and gave me another cytotec. We sat around talking to my dad, my mom, Kebo's mom, Kebo's Aunt Sonia, Kebo and I. Of course with my family and Kebo's we basically sat around joking and laughing. They all left about 9:30pm or so. Then Kebo and I got comfortable watching WWF, and I started writing this. The nurse came back in and told us I would be getting another bytotec at 12am and they gave me a mild muscle relaxer to help me sleep, and informaed us that they would start pitocin at 4am. They also stated that my doctor would be in around 6am to break my water. Keb and I stayed up til around 11pm or so watching TV.

Couldn't really sleep at all, all night. I woke up around 4:05am and couldn't sleep, I was fixing to sit up and watch some TV when the doctor came in so I laid back down so he could check me. Well he checked me and I was 4cm already, then he brought out the dipstick and he broke my water. My nurse had been bragging on me because I hadn't asked for any pain meds yet. She asked if I would have he children for her. After they broke the water the contractions started to come on really strong and a lot quicker. THen around 6am I was feeling them more past the pain tolerance I had. They weren't making me cry or anything they were just very uncomfortable. So I went ahead and asked for the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me to sit on the edge of the bed and lean over on my pillow. Then the contractions were really hurting when I did this. The epidural wasn't actually as bad as I thought. My blood pressure started rising upward so they started taking it every minute for ten minutes. Let me tell you those blood pressure automatic checkers really hurt, they about squeeze your arm off. After about 10 minutes maybe less I wasn't hurting at all. Around 7am my contractions were 2 min. apart. Then around 8am my contractions were 1 1/2 - 2 min apart, sometimes 1 min apart. The nurse said she was going to check me again at 8am and that is what I am waiting for now, and it is 8:12am. I am fixing to ask for some ice and see when she is going to check again.

She just checked and I am 4 1/2 - 5 cm. Another time to wait. They used the pitocin to speed it up some.

More action but no progress! About an hour and a half to two hours ago my nurse came in and was going to start moving me from left to right then have me sit back up for a while. To see if it would help me dialate some, my cervix was papaer then but my dialating was slow. Well when she turned me to the right my epidural slipped out. I didn't know it until my contractions started coming on strong. They were hurting really bad. Made me cry out in pain and the pain was just about unbearable. So they had to unattach the epidural and do it over again. So finally now I am in no pain, but I have only dialated to 6 - 7 cm now. If by 3pm I haven't dialated more than just 1 cm then they will go to plan B which is a c-section, at this point I started praying. Kebo had to leave the room because he started to break down. I am not too keen on this idea, I definately do not want to be cut. I guess at least by then I will know what is up. I just wish I could have this baby the regular old fashioned way. At this point I started to break down and cry. I couldn't take the fact that I was going to have to be cut. Then about two hours later my contractions started to come back, I was in more pain than before. They tried boosting the epidural and it had wore off so this took effect a little later. The doc came in and stressed that it looked like I was going to have to go into surgery that in one hour he would check again. The nurse came in at one point and checked me again and I was at 8cm. Then she called the doc and told him so he could come up and prepare me to go into a c section. The doc walked in at around 5pm and wanted to check, well when he checked he said it was time to push, that I could have him regular, that I was now didalted to 10 and his head was peeping out. He showed my mom and kebo the head. They started to prep the room up and get everything together and I was grinning from ear to ear, I started to shake all over, I suppose it was relief, and all kinds of emotions into one. Then we started to begin the pushing. I was starting to push around 6:10-6:15pm and I could hear Kebo in the back ground screaming PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. He could see the head. The doc said "we need to make more room (episiotomy), and he looked back at Kebo and asked are you all right. He replied he was. Then I pushed with all my might, as hard as I could with everything I had. Then at 6:33pm he popped out, the doc cleaned out his mouth and nose and he started crying! I started to cry as well as everyone else in the room. The doc held him up and Kebo took a picture of him, then they wiped him down a little and placed him on my tummy! I just started crying and talking to him at the same time. They then took him for all his tests, weighing and such. Kebo stayed with him and his mother left me too but my mom stayed by my side the whole time. She never left me. Then the epidural started to wear off. I was in so much pain. They started to give me some Tylox and wanted to give me a shot of merphegan (dimerol) but I wouldn't let them because I didn't want to be knocked out, I wanted to see my baby! They told me I could get it at bedtime then. Then we were transfered to another room, I ate, started to rest and then they brought the baby in. Kebo and I just held him and loved on him and talked to him. Everyone left around 9pm-10pm or so and Kebo and I just sat there talking about him in amazement.

I stayed in the hospital for two days, taking care of him and dressing my stiches. We came home around 8pm on Thursday, my parents cooked us supper, and then we headed to bed with our new little bundle of joy!

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Saturday, September 8th, 2001
1:51 pm
For those who haven't already seen go here.

We are home now and have our little bundle of joy! He slept so good last night, didn't wake up but two times! I am so proud of him, it was 14 1/2 hours of labor but I would do it again in a heartbeat tomorrow if I had to! I have one pic I am going to post now so everyone can see what he looks like! He is too adorable! More later when I get a chance!

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
2:38 pm - He's Here!
It has finally happened! I had him on September 4th (yesterday) at 6:33 p.m. He's 20.5 inches long, and his head is 14.5 inches around. He weighs 7 pounds and 8 ounces. I was in labor for 14 hours!!! 

So if there are no posts in a few days don't worry, I will update as soon as I return.  You can keep up with Ldypcasso's journal to find out any more information, if she decides to post some.  Can't wait to share my experience with you, and hope to be back soon.

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2:32 pm - He's Here!
It has finally happened! I had him on September 4th (yesterday) at 6:33 p.m. He's 20.5 inches long, and his head is 14.5 inches around. He weighs 7 pounds and 8 ounces. I was in labor for 14 hours!!! 

So if there are no posts in a few days don't worry, I will update as soon as I return.  You can keep up with Ldypcasso's journal to find out any more information, if she decides to post some.  Can't wait to share my experience with you, and hope to be back soon.

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Monday, September 3rd, 2001
11:08 am
This is day number 281
You're 40 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 267 days / 38 weeks
-1 days until your due date! (-0.4%)

Induction is today at 4:30pm!

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2001
1:44 pm
This is day number 277
You're 39 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 263 days / 37 weeks
3 days until your due date! (1.1%)

Will be induced on Monday Sept 3

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1:44 pm
Tuesday August 28th
I went to the doc this afternoon at 1:30pm, he said that my babies heartrate is just perfect at 150 bps, then he measured my belly said right on the money, I weighed the same as last week so no gaining of pounds! He then checked me and said that my cervix is being stubborn, that it wasn't thinning out and I have stayed dialated at 2cm. He said that I was going to have these contractions for a while until my cervix decides to thin. But that if by Monday at 4:30pm I am not in labor he wants me to come to the hospital and check into Labor and Delivery. Then he will put some sort of gel on my cervix for it to soften and then give me two pills, which I suppose is pitocin (something to make me go into labor). Then if by Tuesday morning I haven't gone into labor he is going to break my water. So if not by next Monday I haven't gone in I am going to have a baby on that Monday the 3rd or Tuesday the 4th. So I guess those who picked that date in the babypool will win LOL. Mine is just about out of the loop since it is the 28th and nothing has happened yet, but I still have tonight! LOL I have been feeling kind of crappy lately too, my nose and head are stopped up, and I feel like I have a bug coming on which I don't need right now. So I have a week to finish all the things that need to be done, and I will have a baby after that. WOOHOO! I am so ready to see him it isn't even funny. But I can wait, at least I have a for sure date if it doesn't happen before then!

Wednesday August 29th
**Update: Waiting on the doc to call back, but I guess they are tied up so I will get a call after lunch. I am sick, and this really sucks. I have a stopped up head, sore throat, and stuffys. So this really bites being sick right before I am supposed to go into labor. I feel like crap. I can't sleep or do anything, I sleep for about thirty minutes then wake up because I can't breathe. I hope this is over soon because I can't handle having to move the date up for the induction anymore because I am sick! I just will not have that. Fixing to read some LJ, then fix me some lunch, try the doc again, and probably konk out on Kebo's palette in the living room watching TV!

Darn doc took forever with me on hold. But she finally came back and instructed me to take the zithromax antibiotic I had left over from the last time I got sick, so that I will be well enough to be induced on Monday and Tuesday! So yeah I don't have to change my appt for the induction it will still stand on the 3rd and 4th and I will be well in a few days from now, then my induction will go as planned. I hate taking medicine while I am in a such late stage of the pregnancy but if I am not well by the time the induction is supposed to happen then I won't be able to do it that day I will have to wait until I am well. Which this zithromax is a five day antibiotic that will have me well in two days!**

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Monday, August 27th, 2001
3:16 pm
This is day number 275
You're 39 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 261 days / 37 weeks
5 days until your due date! (1.8%)

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1:23 pm - OB Appointment Week 38-39
You have done a great job and you only have a few more weeks to go. In addition to all the physical checks you and your baby have had in the previous weeks, your doctor or midwife will do a palpation of your uterus to determine the position of your baby, an internal exam, and possibly even an ultrasound to determine the size and position of your baby. Your doctor or midwife will want to determine how your baby is presenting head or buttocks first, position? facing to the front or to the back? and descent is the presenting part engaged?

You can begin to dilate at anytime and your doctor or midwife will track these changes to help pinpoint when labor may begin or to decide if your body needs help getting started with labor. If by this week, you have not begun to show signs of the start of labor, your doctor or midwife may want to see you again before the week is out.

Being so close to your due date it is a good idea that your partner go to with you to each prenatal appointment from this point on, since depending on what your doctor or midwife finds during your appointment, they may decide to send you straight to the hospital or discuss the possibility of inducing labor at some point in the coming week depending on your progress.

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Saturday, August 25th, 2001
10:58 pm
Due one week from tomorrow!

Advice and Support: Do you spread yourself too thin? Try reminding yourself this time will never come again. Of course, that is true for every day of your life but the rareness of pregnancy brings that reality home. This is the only time you will be pregnant with this child. If you can't say no when you want to, or you burn with guilt over not maintaining the same pace at work, you miss the wonder of this time. Little by little, start facing the reality you can't be everything to everybody and still be there for your child and yourself.

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001
3:49 pm
Your due date is right around the corner, and your baby's just waiting for the right time to be born. She's continuing to build a layer of fat that'll help her control her body's temperature after birth, and will probably weigh 7 to 7 1/2 pounds (boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls). Take it easy during the final week or so — this may be your last opportunity to relax. Instead of spending every available minute decorating the nursery or folding baby clothes, go see a movie, read a book, or take long naps. Don't forget to spend some quality time with your partner, too.

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3:43 pm
This is day number 275
You're 39 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 261 days / 37 weeks
5 days until your due date! (1.8%)

In the know: Types of episiotomy:

First-degree: cuts the skin only
Second-degree: cuts skin and the underlying tissue
Third-degree: cuts skin and tissue as well as the rectal sphincter (the muscle that circles the anus)
Fourth-degree: goes through all the above layers and through the rectum itself

The episiotomy is stitched up with absorbable sutures that fortunately do not need to be removed. You will be supplied with a "peri bottle" - a small squeeze bottle - that you can fill with warm water and use to clean the area of your episiotomy each time you go to the bathroom. Sitz baths and witch hazel compresses are also recommended.

You will want to keep up this after care for at least a week after delivery, or until you have healed considerably.

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2001
11:50 am
This is day number 274
You're 39 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 260 days / 37 weeks
6 days until your due date! (2.1%)

In the know: You may be wondering about things that can happen during labor. For example, will you need an episiotomy? This is an incision made during the pushing stage of childbirth to the perineum, the muscle between the vagina and rectum, to widen the vaginal opening for delivery. The name is derived from Greek: episios - vulvar region, and otomy - to cut. (Pronounced up-PEAS-ee-ought-um-me.) Some doctors prefer to cut rather than to let you tear naturally, while others feel the opposite -- talk to your caregiver.
You can try to prepare the perineum for the stretching by doing perineal massage, both before and during labor. But if your healthcare provider feels an episiotomy is necessary (such as if the baby has a large head, if the baby needs to come out quickly because it's in distress, or if forceps are needed), there are "degrees" of an episiotomy, based upon the depth of the cut. Find out more tomorrow!

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Saturday, August 18th, 2001
5:27 pm
Well I laid down to take a nap, and of course my back started to hurt a lot worse. I am not sure, with back labor pains do they come as timed intervals too because my back has just been killing me all the time. Now the pain has reverted to my butt. It is sore and hurts so bad. I am going to take a bath, then see if it eases off some then I am going to call my doc if it hasn't! I think a hot bath would do me some good right about now since I am in so much pain! I don't know what to do!

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11:19 am - Update
I cleaned out my car yesterday afternoon, the inside, trunk, and everything. I took it to vacuum it out and even vacuumed the trunk out. So now I have the car seat installed, and the trunk is clean for the stroller to be put in, when I get to it in a little while. So Kebo got home around 7:30pm or so and took his shower. He then took me out to eat last night just me and him, we went to Country's Bar B Que, where I get my favorite club sandwich and ranch dressing. So we were about to eat and I start having a really bad pain in my upper belly, then it would gradually shift into my lower belly as a cramp. I mean this sucker hurt. It kept happening every thirty minutes or so. Kebo wanted to know what he should do or if we should leave because it was hurting so bad. I told him it was all right that I was HUNGRY! LOL So we ate and then it was still hurting and when we got up to leave my bones in my pelvic area were hurting so bad I couldn't even walk. It was hard and it hurt but I did it. We made it in the car and then headed to Walmart, we just had to pick up something little and Kebo wanted to see if they had any games he would want to buy, for us to play. So I went in with him, he told me not too but it seemed like I would feel better if I went in and walked. So we were walking around got his case for the car he just got, then were looking at the games. He wanted to buy his own Monopoly, he has to borrow his aunts when he wants to play. So then he found a digital game of BlackJack, and I was out of the picture there he was playing with the thing forever. Then I told him we had to go because my bone was hurting again, so we went up front to check out. He then told me to go and get the car and sit down. So I get the car and while I am waiting for him to return it happens again. I mean the shit was really painful. He got in the car and I was hurting almost all the way home. So I sit on the couch and lay back and it keeps happening but it was only 30-45 min apart everytime. So I go to bed, well lets just say that I was up most of the night hurting and peeing. My bones in my pelvic area were just soooooo sore like someone was trying to rip them out. I kept waking up every hour on the hour, with pains and with having to pee. Kebo got up at 6:00am to go to work, and I was just lying there awake, I just about decided to sign on when I laid back down and actually fell asleep around 6:45am. Well Ali called at 8am, and was wanting to know how I was feeling and I talked to her for a while then decided I didn't want to be here alone and rode up to her house. She couldn't come here because she was waiting on the mail man to sign for something. I sat up there chatted with her, watched TV, played with my baby. The pains that were so bad last night had subsided some, then I was sitting there and Blaine just started to move everywhere. It was like he was for real trying to come out of me. Then I decided I was very hungry and came home to fix something to eat. She is supposed to be coming down here in a few to sit with me when the mailman arrives. But they have subsided some but my bones are just killing me. I can't even barely walk they hurt so bad. So I am going to fix me some macaroni and cheese and a sandwich and veg in front of the TV. Then I am going to put the stroller in the car and do some things around here when my bone starts feeling better. I think it is really getting close because I can't keep any food in me. I have to go to the bathroom every time i eat something. And because of those serious pains last night. I am just waiting til they get on a regular pattern before I call the doc. But if it keeps hurting too bad I am going to call him. But I am here and will update if something happens...which I doubt will with my luck I will be going to my appointment Tuesday and he keep me then I just have to live with the hurting for now. What do the others mothers who have had children think... Give me some answers LOL?

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Friday, August 17th, 2001
2:56 pm
Still having slight contractions, just waiting for them to get stronger and more regular. I had some last night that were really strong and woke me up out of good sleep! I also have to pee 7 times a night so that makes a difference in the sleeping procedure as well! Hopefully he will be here soon and I can have a look see at him! I can't wait til that happens!

This is day number 270
You're 38 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 256 days / 36 weeks
10 days until your due date! (3.6%)

Lunar Months Nine and Ten (33 to 40 weeks)
Because science is just scientific, researchers discuss fetal development as they measure it, and it only partially conveys the miraculous nature of what takes place. They can measure you and the size of your baby-to-be, but they can't describe the interconnectivity between mother and baby. Ancient legends and stories have captured the spirit of the miracle of pregnancy and birth better than science has done. So, relax and enjoy these last few weeks -- you're a miracle, too.

In the know: Your membranes (amniotic sac) may rupture creating a rush or constant trickle of fluid. Call your healthcare provider right away if you suspect your water has broken.

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Thursday, August 16th, 2001
9:30 pm
This is day number 269
You're 38 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 255 days / 36 weeks
11 days until your due date! (3.9%)

Advice and Support: In late pregnancy, sleep may be hard to come by with a racing mind (Is the baby okay? What will it look like) and because of your girth. This is normal. Try whatever you can to get the sleep you need - use pillows underneath your belly and between your legs or just sleep propped up. As for the racing mind, education is one of the best ways to quell your fears. So you're in the right place! :-)

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2001
4:42 pm - Update
I am still here the contractions have eased off a little, not sure if it is because I have been moving around a lot but they have eased a little. Still happening though! Just got off the phone with Kassie, she called because I made my little update and then signed off and hadn't been back on for a while. Had a great chat with her, we talked about everything, was nice to actually talk to someone on here. But still cleaning and getting stuff ready, got lots to do! Hopefully something will happen in a few days or so, but with my luck just like I told Kassie it will probably be like this for weeks LOL. I am about to the point to ask my doc to induce me too, but I am going to wait and see what everything looks like at the next appointment if I make it!

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1:42 pm - Contraction Update
Contractions are coming more frequent now. I had the one at 11:06am, then another at 12:00pm, then one at 12:45pm, and then my last one around 1:15-1:20pm. I have been having mild cramps but to the point of being uncomfortable about 1 every 30-45 min or so! They are getting to the point I can't stand to do anything but sit around. I am not sure if this means anything but I know they have to be contractions because it is like a mild cramping like when I was getting my period. The contractions also feel as if they are moving, like beginning at my lower stomach, then rolling kind of upward and then around to my back! I am not sure but I hope this means something soon because it is getting very uncomfortable. And the contractions still happen if I change position or move around it seems to intensify it more, instead of stopping like it was before. I am going to start cleaning and see if that will maybe make them stronger and more intense then maybe we can set up a regular pattern to these bad boys. When I have the contraction he doesn't move at all and when it eases off he starts to kick and roll. But not really hard or anything just he starts moving and rolling like he is tired of the pain too!

Ok here is what has happened lately:
• Contractions occur at regular and increasingly shorter intervals, and become longer and stronger in intensity.
• Persistent lower back pain, especially if it's accompanied by crampy, premenstrual feeling.
• More and noticeably more intense Braxton Hicks contractions
This one has happened in the past few days:
• Lightening when the baby's head begins to drop into position in your pelvis
This one too in the past few days:
• An increase in vaginal discharge

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11:41 am - Did I mention...
My stomach is rock hard! I mean you could bounce things off of it! And I mean all the time, especially when the contractions happen!

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