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Leah's Bun in the Oven

Contraction Update

Contractions are coming more frequent now. I had the one at 11:06am, then another at 12:00pm, then one at 12:45pm, and then my last one around 1:15-1:20pm. I have been having mild cramps but to the point of being uncomfortable about 1 every 30-45 min or so! They are getting to the point I can't stand to do anything but sit around. I am not sure if this means anything but I know they have to be contractions because it is like a mild cramping like when I was getting my period. The contractions also feel as if they are moving, like beginning at my lower stomach, then rolling kind of upward and then around to my back! I am not sure but I hope this means something soon because it is getting very uncomfortable. And the contractions still happen if I change position or move around it seems to intensify it more, instead of stopping like it was before. I am going to start cleaning and see if that will maybe make them stronger and more intense then maybe we can set up a regular pattern to these bad boys. When I have the contraction he doesn't move at all and when it eases off he starts to kick and roll. But not really hard or anything just he starts moving and rolling like he is tired of the pain too!

Ok here is what has happened lately:
• Contractions occur at regular and increasingly shorter intervals, and become longer and stronger in intensity.
• Persistent lower back pain, especially if it's accompanied by crampy, premenstrual feeling.
• More and noticeably more intense Braxton Hicks contractions
This one has happened in the past few days:
• Lightening when the baby's head begins to drop into position in your pelvis
This one too in the past few days:
• An increase in vaginal discharge
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