Leah's Bun in the Oven (leahpregnancy) wrote,
Leah's Bun in the Oven


I am still here the contractions have eased off a little, not sure if it is because I have been moving around a lot but they have eased a little. Still happening though! Just got off the phone with Kassie, she called because I made my little update and then signed off and hadn't been back on for a while. Had a great chat with her, we talked about everything, was nice to actually talk to someone on here. But still cleaning and getting stuff ready, got lots to do! Hopefully something will happen in a few days or so, but with my luck just like I told Kassie it will probably be like this for weeks LOL. I am about to the point to ask my doc to induce me too, but I am going to wait and see what everything looks like at the next appointment if I make it!
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