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I cleaned out my car yesterday afternoon, the inside, trunk, and everything. I took it to vacuum it out and even vacuumed the trunk out. So now I have the car seat installed, and the trunk is clean for the stroller to be put in, when I get to it in a little while. So Kebo got home around 7:30pm or so and took his shower. He then took me out to eat last night just me and him, we went to Country's Bar B Que, where I get my favorite club sandwich and ranch dressing. So we were about to eat and I start having a really bad pain in my upper belly, then it would gradually shift into my lower belly as a cramp. I mean this sucker hurt. It kept happening every thirty minutes or so. Kebo wanted to know what he should do or if we should leave because it was hurting so bad. I told him it was all right that I was HUNGRY! LOL So we ate and then it was still hurting and when we got up to leave my bones in my pelvic area were hurting so bad I couldn't even walk. It was hard and it hurt but I did it. We made it in the car and then headed to Walmart, we just had to pick up something little and Kebo wanted to see if they had any games he would want to buy, for us to play. So I went in with him, he told me not too but it seemed like I would feel better if I went in and walked. So we were walking around got his case for the car he just got, then were looking at the games. He wanted to buy his own Monopoly, he has to borrow his aunts when he wants to play. So then he found a digital game of BlackJack, and I was out of the picture there he was playing with the thing forever. Then I told him we had to go because my bone was hurting again, so we went up front to check out. He then told me to go and get the car and sit down. So I get the car and while I am waiting for him to return it happens again. I mean the shit was really painful. He got in the car and I was hurting almost all the way home. So I sit on the couch and lay back and it keeps happening but it was only 30-45 min apart everytime. So I go to bed, well lets just say that I was up most of the night hurting and peeing. My bones in my pelvic area were just soooooo sore like someone was trying to rip them out. I kept waking up every hour on the hour, with pains and with having to pee. Kebo got up at 6:00am to go to work, and I was just lying there awake, I just about decided to sign on when I laid back down and actually fell asleep around 6:45am. Well Ali called at 8am, and was wanting to know how I was feeling and I talked to her for a while then decided I didn't want to be here alone and rode up to her house. She couldn't come here because she was waiting on the mail man to sign for something. I sat up there chatted with her, watched TV, played with my baby. The pains that were so bad last night had subsided some, then I was sitting there and Blaine just started to move everywhere. It was like he was for real trying to come out of me. Then I decided I was very hungry and came home to fix something to eat. She is supposed to be coming down here in a few to sit with me when the mailman arrives. But they have subsided some but my bones are just killing me. I can't even barely walk they hurt so bad. So I am going to fix me some macaroni and cheese and a sandwich and veg in front of the TV. Then I am going to put the stroller in the car and do some things around here when my bone starts feeling better. I think it is really getting close because I can't keep any food in me. I have to go to the bathroom every time i eat something. And because of those serious pains last night. I am just waiting til they get on a regular pattern before I call the doc. But if it keeps hurting too bad I am going to call him. But I am here and will update if something happens...which I doubt will with my luck I will be going to my appointment Tuesday and he keep me then I just have to live with the hurting for now. What do the others mothers who have had children think... Give me some answers LOL?
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