Leah's Bun in the Oven (leahpregnancy) wrote,
Leah's Bun in the Oven

OB Appointment Week 38-39

You have done a great job and you only have a few more weeks to go. In addition to all the physical checks you and your baby have had in the previous weeks, your doctor or midwife will do a palpation of your uterus to determine the position of your baby, an internal exam, and possibly even an ultrasound to determine the size and position of your baby. Your doctor or midwife will want to determine how your baby is presenting head or buttocks first, position? facing to the front or to the back? and descent is the presenting part engaged?

You can begin to dilate at anytime and your doctor or midwife will track these changes to help pinpoint when labor may begin or to decide if your body needs help getting started with labor. If by this week, you have not begun to show signs of the start of labor, your doctor or midwife may want to see you again before the week is out.

Being so close to your due date it is a good idea that your partner go to with you to each prenatal appointment from this point on, since depending on what your doctor or midwife finds during your appointment, they may decide to send you straight to the hospital or discuss the possibility of inducing labor at some point in the coming week depending on your progress.
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